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Miller takes fat loss se­ri­ously, do­ing mam­moth ses­sions at high in­ten­sity us­ing calo­rie-torch­ing gi­ant sets. Here are the three moves he reg­u­larly in­cor­po­rates to build his abs mus­cles and torch fat, giv­ing

the kind of lean, ripped look that puts him on mag­a­zine cov­ers.


Stand with your feet just wider than shoul­der-width apart, rest­ing the bar on the back of your shoul­ders. With your chest up and core braced, squat down un­til your thighs are at least par­al­lel to the floor. Drive back up through your heels to stand. Miller says ‘No other ex­er­cise re­quires as much phys­i­cal and men­tal con­cen­tra­tion. The use of so many sup­port­ing mus­cle groups as well as the legs makes this the per­fect ex­er­cise for fat loss. Make sure you go deep, keep­ing form strict.’


In a shal­low squat, hold the bar with a shoul­der-width grip and your arms straight. Keep­ing your chest up and your back straight, drive down through your heels to pull the bar up your body and push your hips for­wards to stand tall. Miller says ‘Do­ing low reps with more weight will burn lots of calo­ries af­ter your work­out.’


Take a big step for­wards, keep­ing your back up­right and your front knee in line with your front foot. Lower un­til your back knee is just off the floor, then drive through the heel of your front foot to re­turn to the start. Re­peat on the other leg. Miller says ‘Not only great for build­ing mus­cle, but the aer­o­bic as­pect of this ex­er­cise means it’s also ideal for burning fat.’

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