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A pulled mus­cle in your chest needs rest. Per­sis­tent gas­tro-oe­sophageal re­flux can be treated with pre­scrip­tion med­i­ca­tion. With angina, too, it’s med­i­ca­tion first (of­ten glyc­eryl trini­trate). If that doesn’t work, doc­tors might rec­om­mend a coro­nary an­gio­plasty (where a bal­loon and/or tube is in­serted in an artery to widen it) or a coro­nary artery by­pass graft (open-heart surgery where a sec­tion of blood ves­sel from else­where in your body is used to re-route blood past a blocked artery).

Treat­ment for a heart attack de­pends on its sever­ity. Med­i­ca­tion might suf­fice in mild cases. Oth­er­wise you’re look­ing at an­gio­plasty or a by­pass graft.

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