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‘The num­ber of sets and reps is given as a range, and you should use the up­per or lower ends of the range depend­ing on your level of fit­ness,’ says Jamieson. ‘If you can’t man­age the higher lev­els, first re­duce the num­ber of sets and then the num­ber of reps.’ The work­outs should be per­formed for four to six weeks. ‘When com­bined with a high-qual­ity nu­tri­tion pro­gramme, the re­sult will be an in­crease in over­all strength, power, mus­cle mass and gen­eral fit­ness,’ says Jamieson. Use a weight that is chal­leng­ing but al­lows you to com­plete each set.

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