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Warm up with two sets of ten body­weight squats, two sets of ten glute bridges and two sets of ten arm swings. Per­form ex­er­cises 3A and 3B as a su­per­set, which means you com­plete a set of the first ex­er­cise and go straight into the sec­ond move with­out rest­ing. Rest as in­di­cated, then do the first ex­er­cise again.


SETS 1 REPS 10-15 REST 1MIN Run at 70% of your max speed on the balls of your feet for ten sec­onds, keep­ing your chest up and pump­ing your arms to help gen­er­ate mo­men­tum.


SETS 4-6 REPS 5-8 REST 3-4MIN With your feet just wider than shoul­der-width apart, rest the bar on the backs of your shoul­ders. Keep­ing your chest up and core braced, squat down un­til your thighs are at least par­al­lel to the floor. Drive back up through your heels to stand.


SETS 3-4 REPS 10-12 Stand tall, hold­ing a dumb­bell in each hand. Keep­ing your core braced, take a big step for­ward and lunge un­til both knees are bent at 90˚. Push off from your front foot to re­turn to the start po­si­tion. Re­peat with your other leg.


SETS 3-4 REPS 8-10 EACH SIDE REST 1-2MIN Stand with a dumb­bell in each hand. Raise one foot and bend at the hips to lower the weights, keep­ing your back straight and core braced, and at the same time ex­tend one leg straight out be­hind you to tar­get your ham­strings. Re­turn to the start and re­peat with the other leg. Al­ter­nate sides and keep a slight bend in your stand­ing leg through­out.


SETS 2-3 REPS 6-8 REST 60-90SEC Grasp the bar with an over­hand grip, palms fac­ing away from you. Pull up un­til your chin is over the bar, then lower un­der con­trol.


SETS 3 (1 EACH PO­SI­TION) TIME 2MIN REST 60-90SEC Per­form a plank with your weight on your feet and fore­arms. Keep your body in line, feet to­gether and el­bows un­der your shoul­ders. Then per­form a side plank. Lie on your side and sup­port your weight with the out­side of one foot and your fore­arm. Keep your legs, torso and head in line, legs to­gether and your up­per arm straight up. For the third set, per­form a side plank on the other side.

This­lower-body­work­outwill­help in­creasethe­p­ow­eriny­ourlegs.In MMA,stron­glegsareim­por­tant forevery­thingfromshooting­in­for atake­down­top­unch­ing­harder.In oth­er­sports,stron­glegswill­help youmake­pow­er­ful­move­ments.

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