Want to get in block­buster shape with­out the hero­ics? The X-Men’s trainer has the so­lu­tion

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Build Hol­ly­wood mus­cle

Ques­tion: how do you train a 100-year-old mu­tant, a shapeshifter and the mas­ter of mag­netism? An­swer: the same as any­one else. ‘All my plans achieve re­sults with the same for­mula: heavy weights, pro­gres­sive over­load and hard work,’ says trainer David Kings­bury, who grad­u­ated from be­ing Hugh Jackman’s per­sonal trainer to tak­ing on al­most all of Pro­fes­sor Xavier’s academy. ‘There are no spe­cial Hol­ly­wood se­crets.’

The most im­por­tant fac­tors, says Kings­bury, are nu­tri­tion and con­sis­tency. ‘This plan will in­crease size and strength – if you fol­low the right food plan. For mus­cle gain, eat 10-20% above your usual calo­rie in­take while us­ing this plan. For strength, eat 10% above that level and for fat loss, add 20-minute in­ter­val sprints (rounds of 30- sec­ond sprints and 90- sec­ond walks) twice a week and eat 10-20% be­low your usual lev­els.’

This plan might not be able to give you mu­tant heal­ing pow­ers but it forged Jackman’s for­mi­da­ble Wolver­ine physique. And of course, re­sis­tance train­ing is proven to help strengthen your bones. Not quite adaman­tium, but not miles off. Snikt!


This plan is made up of clas­sic body part splits such as chest and back days and legs days. Ide­ally do the four work­outs in or­der, rest­ing a day be­tween each when pos­si­ble.

For max­i­mum ef­fect you should fol­low this plan for eight weeks, re­peat­ing the first batch of work­outs ev­ery week for four weeks, then mov­ing on to the sec­ond plan for the next four-week block. To en­sure pro­gres­sion, aim to in­crease the weights you lift by 5% each week. The pri­or­ity is to push your­self, so don’t get too com­fort­able. No­body said get­ting in su­per­hero shape would be easy – but the re­sults will be worth the strug­gle.

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