Stay fu­elled to the fin­ish with this carb-loaded meal plan

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Bor­ing pre-race carb-load­ing is a thing of the past with this tiger prawn pad Thai

Apart from the ela­tion of cross­ing the fin­ish­ing line, what’s the best thing about en­durance events? That’s right – binge­ing on carbs be­fore race day to top up your glyco­gen stores. The meal plan be­low pro­vides the 4-5g of carbs per kilo of body­weight re­quired for op­ti­mum glyco­gen stor­age – based on an 80kg man – with roughly 70% of the to­tal calo­ries com­ing from carbs.


Pancakes with honey and blue­ber­ries pro­vide fat­fight­ing pteros­til­bene and me­tab­o­lism-boost­ing iron


Bagel with chicken breast, mayo, tomato and spinach is high in mus­cle-build­ing pro­tein and lig­a­ment-strength­en­ing vi­ta­min C


Tiger prawn pad Thai IN­GRE­DI­ENTS (serves 2) 250g udon noodles, cooked / 10 small broc­coli flo­rets / Hand­ful of green beans / 2tsp rape­seed oil / 3 gar­lic cloves, chopped / 2 red chillies, de­seeded and chopped / 2 shal­lots, chopped / 20 large tiger prawns, de-shelled / 2 egg whites / 1tbsp sesame oil / 3tbsp fish sauce / 1tbsp soy sauce / 1tbsp rice wine vine­gar / 1tbsp agave syrup / 3 spring onions, chopped / 2tbsp chopped peanuts / Hand­ful of fresh co­rian­der / 1tbsp lime juice


Blanch the broc­coli and green beans in boil­ing wa­ter for one to two min­utes. Drain, plunge into cold wa­ter and set aside. Heat a wok and add 1tsp rape­seed oil, gar­lic, chilli and shal­lots. Cook over a medium heat for one minute. Add the prawns and cook for a fur­ther two min­utes un­til pink­ish. Re­move and set aside. Add the re­main­ing rape­seed oil and the egg whites. Cook gen­tly, break­ing them up, then put aside. To the empty pan, add the sesame oil, fish sauce, soy sauce, vine­gar and agave syrup and cook for two min­utes. Turn up the heat and add the prawns, egg, spring onions, blanched veg and noodles. Serve gar­nished with nuts, co­rian­der and lime juice.


Rice cakes with almond but­ter and pop­corn con­tain fill­ing fi­bre and heart-healthy mo­noun­sat­u­rated fat.


pro­vides chromium, which reg­u­lates blood sugar lev­els


pro­vide vi­ta­min B12, which en­hances en­ergy


pro­vides quercetin, which soothes mus­cles

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