Elim­i­nate the most com­mon dead­lift er­rors – and add plates to the bar

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Stand with feet be­tween shoul­der and hip-width apart and the bar 3cm or so from your shins. Grab the bar just out­side your legs us­ing an over­hand grip, arms locked out and as nar­row as pos­si­ble. Bend your knees un­til your shins touch the bar, then squeeze your shoul­der blades to­gether, push your chest up and brace your core. Lift the bar di­rectly up, main­tain­ing the arch in your back un­til the bar passes your knees, then push your pelvis for­ward, bring­ing your back into a ver­ti­cal po­si­tion, with the bar touch­ing your legs through­out. Lower un­der con­trol by push­ing your hips back, bend­ing your knees as the bar passes the top

of your shins.

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