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Not many men can make singing a Vanessa Carl­ton hit into a ca­reer-defin­ing mo­ment, but Crews’ per­for­mance of A Thou­sand Miles in the oth­er­wise-dread­ful White Chicks marks the ex­act mo­ment he went from mus­cu­lar ex-NFL heavy to re­li­able comic film-saver. He’s since par­layed his physique and com­edy chops into fame as tough-but-adorable po­lice sergeant Terry Jef­fords on TV’s Brook­lyn Nine-Nine and Hale Cae­sar in the Ex­pend­ables movies.


To build shirt-pack­ing mus­cle, Crews uses a dizzy­ing ar­ray of pulling moves in his ‘Co­bra back’ work­out. Try three rounds of this poi­sonous pair­ing for size.


With your hands slightly wider than shoul­der-width, pull your chin over the bar. Pause, then lower. Go to fail­ure and rest for 60 sec­onds – no cheat­ing.


Then, with your hands slightly nar­rower than shoul­der-width, pull your chin over the bar, pause, then lower. And yes, go to fail­ure again.

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