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If you’re sick of your girl­friend talk­ing about what a great body Joe Man­ganiello has (or just star­ing slack-jawed when­ever he’s on­screen), it’s time you did some­thing about it. You can start with this rou­tine taken from Man­ganiello’s own fit­ness book, Evo­lu­tion, which the big man him­self uses to bulk up his chest, shoul­ders and arms.


Man­ganiello is old-school when it comes to the gym, stick­ing with tried-and-tested body­build­ing sta­ples such as the bench press, over­head press and tri­ceps pushdown.

He warms up slowly on the bench, work­ing up to the heav­i­est load he can han­dle for two reps, then backs off the weight for higher reps to get a pump. From there, he al­ter­nates ex­er­cises for dif­fer­ent mus­cle groups so he can ac­com­plish more work in less time.

At 32 to­tal sets, it’s a lot of work – and, like the TV show that made Man­ganiello fa­mous, it’s not for the squea­mish. But it will put hair (or fur?) on your chest, as well as make it big­ger.


Per­form the bench press as straight sets. For the paired ex­er­cises, do one set of move A, rest, then one set of move, B and re­peat the pair un­til all sets are com­plete. Rest 60-90 sec­onds af­ter ev­ery set in the work­out.

Joe Man­ganiello’s book

Evo­lu­tion: The Cut­ting-Edge Guide To Break­ing Down Men­tal Walls And Build­ing The Body You’ve Al­ways Wanted is avail­able now

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