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With the G Watch R, LG has made the sen­si­ble choice of re­plac­ing the square dis­play of its pre­de­ces­sor with a round face. This and its chunky de­sign make it look more like a regular sports watch than any other cur­rent smart­watch does. The draw­back, as with other round-faced watches, is that the dis­play some­times cuts text off from apps de­signed for a square face. This is likely to be­come less of an is­sue over time as a wider range of apps is cre­ated but it’s worth not­ing. Its heart rate mon­i­tor, barom­e­ter and pe­dome­ter mean the sporty look isn’t just for show. The G Watch R runs on An­droid Wear so you can pair it with any fairly re­cent An­droid phone, and its 1.2GHz Snap­dragon 400 pro­ces­sor and 512MB of RAM make it a quick, re­spon­sive piece of kit that won’t crash con­stantly.

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