Leave your mark on the gym with the UK’s No.1* all-in-one mass gainer.

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OMNI MX® HARD­CORE con­tains the most ad­vanced ma­trix of 14 bioac­tive in­gre­di­ents packed into one great tast­ing shake. A daily dose pro­vides 90g GRS 9-HOUR® Pro­tein for sus­tained mus­cle growth, 10g Creat­a­core™ Cre­a­tine for in­creased work­out power, 150g Cross-Ac­tion™ Car­bo­hy­drates, 11.4g BCAAs and a pow­er­ful stack of Glu­tamine, Argi­nine AKG, Beta-ala­nine, ZMA, HMB, Amino­gen®, Avena Sativa and Net­tle Root Ex­tract.

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