Go fur­ther, faster with na­ture’s own rocket fuel

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Boost your en­durance with the finest car­dio smoothie you can drink

It’s not EPO, but it’s close – and it’s legal: ac­cord­ing to a slew of stud­ies, the ni­trates in beet­root juice will make you faster in al­most any en­durance sport. Can’t face the, ah, dis­tinc­tively flavoured pur­ple stuff on its own? This po­tent brew, cre­ated by sports nutri­tion­ist Scott Bap­tie (foodforfit­, twins it with heart-healthy dark choco­late to mask that earthy taste as well as fuel your ef­forts.

1Beet­root can re­duce the oxy­gen cost of aer­o­bic ex­er­cise and in­crease the time it takes to reach ex­haus­tion.

2Dark choco­late’s flavonoids help trans­fer oxy­gen to work­ing mus­cles by keep­ing blood ves­sels healthy.

3Milk is rich in en­durance-fu­elling car­bo­hy­drates and elec­trolytes.

4Straw­ber­ries can help to im­prove blood sugar con­trol so you avoid en­ergy slumps.

5Rasp­ber­ries are high in fi­bre, which helps to main­tain full­ness lev­els dur­ing long bouts of ex­er­cise.

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