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Why weight train­ing is your key weapon in the battle to stay lean

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No mat­ter how good your diet, there comes a time in ev­ery man’s life when the battle of the bulge seems un­winnable. Whether that’s sooner or later for you, don’t worry – you can al­ways call in the re­in­force­ments by us­ing the most ef­fec­tive weapon against agere­lated ab­dom­i­nal fat: strength train­ing. Re­search from the Har­vard School of Public Health showed that men who did a 20-minute weight ses­sion each day dis­played less of an in­crease in belly blub­ber than those who spent the same time on aer­o­bic ac­tiv­ity. If that’s all the time you have, do five dumb­bell squats and five over­head presses ev­ery minute on the minute for a guar­an­teed fat-torcher.

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