Ac­cord­ing to ar­chae­ol­o­gists, me­dieval swords­men de­vel­oped killer physiques hysiques via heavy weaponry. Har­ness their mod­ern-day equiv­a­lents for an iron body

Men's Fitness - - Must-Do Move -


The shield-cast is the go-to clubbell move – or you can do it with a dumb­bell. Hold it ver­ti­cally in front of you, then bring it around your head – as if you’re par­ry­ing an over­head chop – and re­turn. Re­peat for ten reps. If you haven’t won by then, you’re in trou­ble.

OLD-SCHOOL Ar­mour NEW TOOL Weighted vest

Lan­nis­ter heavy Gre­gor ‘The Moun­tain’ Cle­gane wears a suit so heavy that ‘no nor­mal man could wear it’, but you needn’t go o that far. Do weighted stair runs – sprint up, walk down – and aim for five sets, depend­ing on the size of your cas­tle.

OLD-SCHOOLOL Bow NEW TOOL Re­sis­tance band

You only need one move here: the archer’sarc draw. Hold the end of a res re­sis­tance band in one hand, hold you­rur arm up straight in front of you, then ‘draw’ the other end back across your chest with your other hand – like it’s a bow, ba­si­cally. Un­like a real bow­man, make sure you work both sides.

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