Men's Fitness - - Calisthenics -

Do all the moves of each ses­sion in or­der, with min­i­mal rest be­tween sets. ‘The aim is to train your whole body in a func­tional way,’ says War­ren. ‘Each ses­sion fo­cuses on dif­fer­ent body parts so you can ap­proach each work­out fresh.’ Do all the work­outs in a week, leav­ing at least a day in be­tween. Once you can do the moves eas­ily, ex­per­i­ment with more ad­vanced ones. ‘What at­tracts peo­ple to cal­is­then­ics is that if you spend a bit of time on it you’ll progress quickly,’ says War­ren. ‘Plus you end up look­ing great.’

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