CrossFit ath­lete Kane re­lied on his ex­cel­lent en­durance to win com­pe­ti­tions. If he was go­ing to step up to elite level, though, he re­alised he needed to be stronger

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‘B‘Be­fore I got into CrossFit I’d tried lots of sports, from foot­ball and rugby to mixed mar­tial arts and ath­let­ics,’ says Will Kane. ‘But this is def­i­nitely the most com­pet­i­tive sport I’ve been in­volved in. The 27-year-old only be­gan CrossFit when a friend said he should try out this ‘cir­cuit-train­ing ses­sion’. He was soon train­ing reg­u­larly at CrossFit Chel­tenham, and started com­pet­ing in, and then win­ning, lo­cal events. ‘From there I started do­ing na­tional ones and that was it,’ says Kane. ‘I’ve com­peted in Italy, Poland, Ger­many and France. In the UK, I won Battle of the Beasts and missed out on win­ning the Ath­lete Games by just a few points.’ How­ever, Kane’s re­sults were mask­ing his de­fi­cien­cies. ‘I al­ways fin­ished strongly in the work­outs that re­quired my heart rate to go higher,’ says Kane. ‘Whereas in the strength events I’d be plac­ing, like, 27th.’ He re­alised he needed to im­prove his strength if he wanted to progress.

‘When I started CrossFit, I would hit ran­dom meta­bolic con­di­tion­ing work­outs when­ever I could, mul­ti­ple times a day,’ says Kane. ‘It’s not nec­es­sar­ily a bad thing, but I was hit­ting them at 100% ev­ery time. Now I only go all out once or twice a week and I take my re­cov­ery much more se­ri­ously. The rest of the time I’m lift­ing weights, fo­cus­ing on my snatch and clean and jerk.’

The re­sults are im­pres­sive. ‘In the past year I’ve put 15 to 20 ki­los on all my main lifts,’ says Kane. ‘A year ago I’d have said I’d needed steroids to achieve that!’

And although Kane says he’s done less con­di­tion­ing work, his scores in en­durance-heavy work­outs have ac­tu­ally gone up. ‘As I’ve got stronger I don’t have to work as hard to move the bar­bell now,’ he says. ‘Know­ing that my strength is now on par with my en­durance is a huge boost to my con­fi­dence.’

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