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Coach, fit­ness model and WBFF com­peti­tor To get Ben in beach-ready shape, I’m go­ing to start by train­ing his whole body twice a week over five ses­sions. We’ll in­clude lots of big com­pound lifts, fo­cus­ing on tempo and work­out in­ten­sity, plus the oc­ca­sional post­work­out in­ter­val ses­sion to ramp up his me­tab­o­lism and max­imise calo­rie burn. Stick­ing to a clean diet – with plenty of pro­tein, whole­foods and no pro­cessed foods – will be hugely ben­e­fi­cial for Ben too, and I’m very con­fi­dent that we can re­veal his abs, in­crease his mus­cle mass and get him down to less than 10% body fat in six months’ time.

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