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up,’ he says. ‘If you don’t like pro­tein shakes, this sport isn’t for you.’


Phillips’s time in the velo­drome turned out to be short-lived – the lure of the BMX track proved too strong. ‘BMX is a mas­sive phys­i­cal and tech­ni­cal chal­lenge, whereas the velo­drome is all phys­i­cal. I found that hard to deal with.’ When he told his per­for­mance direc­tor, Sut­ton said he’d been ex­pect­ing it. ‘Track rac­ing had kept me in­jury-free, and I felt com­pletely re­ju­ve­nated, but I re­alised why I’d raced BMX for 20 years.’

Pretty soon his de­ci­sion paid off. Although a clipped wheel in the 2012 Olympic fi­nal cost him a podium fin­ish, the next year he won the world cham­pi­onships, claim­ing the vic­tor’s rain­bow jer­sey, although it has since been taken by his archri­val, Aus­tralian Sam Wil­loughby. ‘He gets me out of bed ev­ery day,’ Phillips says. ‘Even when I was world cham­pion, I thought that, with his phys­i­cal­ity and tech­ni­cal­ity, he was the best in the world. That’s what I want to be.

‘I loved wear­ing the rain­bow jer­sey more than any­body ever has in BMX. It was an hon­our, some­thing I’d dreamed of as a kid and worked my arse off ev­ery sin­gle day for. So to wear that again would be a dream.’ With his pow­ers of re­cov­ery and his power out­puts in the lab, it would be no sur­prise if Phillips’s pur­suit of the rain­bow jer­sey also leads him to a pot of Olympic gold. Fol­low Liam Phillips on Instagram @liamphillips65


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SETS REPS Af­ter a ten-minute warm-up on the bike, set a box as high as you can jump. Lower into a quar­ter squat and ex­plode up. Land un­der con­trol and step down. Phillips says ‘Don’t be afraid of miss­ing a jump. If you’re not push­ing your bound­aries you won’t get any bet­ter.’


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SETS REPS Squat down and grab the han­dles, keep­ing your chest up and your back flat. Keep your core strong as you drive through your heels to stand. Phillips says ‘This should be your heav­i­est load, so do it while you’re still fresh.’


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SETS REPS With your lower back against the seat, put your feet on the plat­form, shoul­der-width apart. Brace your core and drive through your heels to straighten your legs. Phillips says ‘The leg press al­lows you to get in ex­tra vol­ume in a safer way than do­ing squats.’



SETS REPS Set up as in the dou­ble leg press. Drive ex­plo­sively through the heel of one leg to straighten it. Com­plete all the reps on one side, then switch legs. Phillips says ‘Use a lighter weight and move it as quickly as pos­si­ble to build power.’

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