UP­GRADE YOUR PER­FOR­MANCE with Gold Stan­dard Pre-Work­out™

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Whether you’re tight for time or you’ve got all day to train, strug­gling to get into the ‘zone’ at the start of a work­out can re­ally kill your en­thu­si­asm. Pre-work­out

sup­ple­ments kick-start your body so you can make the most of the gym.

Be­fore your work­out

It’s time to up­grade your per­for­mance by drink­ing Op­ti­mum Nu­tri­tion Gold Stan­dard Pre-Work­out™. This for­mula raises the bar for pre-work­out sup­ple­ments by de­liv­er­ing your body the vi­tal and spe­cific sup­port it needs to achieve your True Strength. The pre­mium blend of B vi­ta­mins, caf­feine and cre­a­tine help give you in­tense en­ergy, men­tal alert­ness and per­for­mance fo­cus ahead of your work­out.

THE SCIENCE: Caf­feine

Though caf­feine ab­sorp­tion rates can vary depend­ing to age, diet and body­weight, the Euro­pean Food Safety Author­ity has agreed that 75mg of caf­feine is the min­i­mum dose to in­crease alert­ness and im­prove con­cen­tra­tion.


The nat­u­ral sources of caf­feine in Gold Stan­dard Pre-Work­out™ have kicked in and you’ve en­tered the gym feel­ing fo­cused and alert. Noth­ing else mat­ters right now – this is your time. You’re ready to make ev­ery rep, ev­ery drop of sweat, ev­ery sec­ond count. Let’s do this.


Your heart is pound­ing and you’re sweat­ing. The hard work has just be­gun, but you’re ready for what lies ahead. You’ve pre­pare for this, you’re en­er­gised and feel­ing con­fi­dent.

THE SCIENCE: B vi­ta­mins

New Gold Stan­dard Pre-Work­out™ con­tains a com­plex blend of B vi­ta­mins in­clud­ing B1, B3, B5, B6 and B12 to help sup­port your body’s en­ergy-yield­ing me­tab­o­lism.

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