Men's Fitness - - Your Four-Week Summer Body Plan -

The fi­nal day in each week is an­other con­di­tion­ing day. Thought the burpees on day two were chal­leng­ing? Try the burpee

press-ups in this plan. It’s not that we’re try­ing to pun­ish you – vary­ing the ex­er­cises keeps your body guess­ing so your mus­cles keep grow­ing. Of course, it isn’t just about show­ing off your six-pack. The ex­er­cises in this work­out will have you work­ing at a high in­ten­sity, chal­leng­ing your lungs and heart, and ul­ti­mately im­prov­ing your en­durance so you have the en­gine to match your physique.

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