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There was a time when a foot­baller with a six-pack was a rare, myth­i­cal crea­ture, like a golfer with a de­cent bench press, a rugby player who looked good in a com­pres­sion top or a darts player who could climb stairs with­out wheez­ing. These days it’s not ex­actly the stan­dard – yet, any­way – but play­ers who look like Spar­tan war­riors are more and more com­mon, as the bru­tal Dar­win­ism of mod­ern football forces teams to look for ev­ery pos­si­ble edge.

Jack Wil­shere is a prime ex­am­ple of this mod­ern phe­nom­e­non – a prod­uct of Arsène Wenger’s Ar­se­nal revo­lu­tion, which in­tro­duced pe­ri­odised train­ing, ply­o­met­rics and proper nutri­tion be­fore al­most any­one else to cre­ate the strong­est, lean­est play­ers in the Premier League. Wil­shere takes train­ing se­ri­ously, with a six-pack that’s a side ef­fect of a core regime laser-tar­geted at mid­field ef­fi­ciency.

He’s had in­jury trou­ble, but he’s tack­led it the right way – mix­ing mod­ern sports science with old-fash­ioned hard work to come back stronger. That’s why we’ve picked him to head up our spe­cial on the new breed of ath­lete (p50) – men who’ve left tra­di­tional train­ing dogma be­hind and em­braced the latest meth­ods to el­e­vate their sports.

You’ll also meet Mat Fraser, tipped to be crowned the world’s fittest man in 2015 (p28), Whit­ney Miller, a for­mer Miss USA who’s turned her at­ten­tion to chok­ing peo­ple un­con­scious (p28), and ten other men who ex­em­plify mod­ern sport­ing suc­cess (p60). But be­cause not ev­ery­one has ac­cess to hi-tech train­ing fa­cil­i­ties and tai­lored nutri­tion, we’ve also in­cluded a train­ing plan that you can do with a £ 40 weight kit to make elite-level gains (p76), and some sim­ple ways to re­set your brain in less time it takes to have a tea break (p72).


Boxer An­thony Joshua makes the grade in our run-down of the new breed of ath­lete. Have we left

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