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Those rollers you see in the gym can do more than just de-knot your mus­cles. Use them to up­grade three clas­sic ex­er­cises BRIDGE ROLL-OUT PRESS-UP Put the roller un­der one calf – the closer to You don’t need a wheel to do this abs move. Rest Think of this as a vari­a­tion on the medicine ball your foot, the tougher the move – and raise the your fore­arms on the roller and slide for­ward, pass­ing press-up. Grasp the roller with a neu­tral other leg. The po­si­tion means you’ll use your then back, aim­ing for three sets of eight slow grip, do a press-up, then pass to the other arm. glutes rather reps in to­tal. You’ll feel it in the morn­ing. The in­sta­bil­ity will in­crease torso ac­ti­va­tion, and than ham­strings, ngs, the in­creased range of mo­tion will build your build­ing top--end chest. Do two sets of as many reps as you can. sprint speed.eed. Do two set­sts of ten.

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