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It’s not al­ways easy to know if you’re train­ing ‘right’. Ben Marum would al­ways train hard, but work­outs were of­ten so­cial af­fairs with chat­ting be­tween sets that dis­tracted from his ses­sions.

‘I’ve al­ways wanted to train to my full po­ten­tial,’ says Ben, who’s teamed up with WBFF ath­lete Tim Chase to achieve his goals. ‘The prob­lem was I never quite knew how to take that next step.’

Two months into his Op­ti­mum Nutri­tion Up­grade pro­gramme Ben is al­ready mak­ing huge strides, with Chase pro­vid­ing the con­sis­tency and ex­per­tise that was pre­vi­ous ab­sent. The first goal of the pro­gramme was to cre­ate an achiev­able train­ing and nutri­tion plan that Ben could stick to. ‘In the gym I got Ben to fo­cus on good tech­nique, tempo and in­ten­sity through­out his work­outs,’ says Chase. ‘We aimed to in­crease ei­ther the weight lifted or reps each week.’

Ben has al­ready seen im­prove­ments to his strength. Whereas pre­vi­ously he would chase the big­gest weight he could move, re­gard­less of tech­nique, he now un­der­stands

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how im­por­tant form is to pro­gres­sion. And it’s work­ing – Ben’s al­ready added 10cm to his chest.

Although the train­ing is tough, Ben’s big­gest chal­lenge has been the amount of food. ‘I’m on 3,500 calo­ries a day,’ Ben says. ‘That was orig­i­nally split be­tween eight meals. I’m a teacher, so I strug­gled to find the time.’ In­stead Ben has started eat­ing four larger meals a day, which he says is much more man­age­able, along with con­ve­nient Op­ti­mum Nutri­tion sup­ple­ments. ‘Eat­ing all this food is pay­ing off,’ he says. ‘I started at 78kg and now I’m at 84kg.’

The hard work, struc­ture and ded­i­ca­tion to diet are push­ing Ben closer to his goal of be­ing in the best shape of his life. ‘Ben has fully com­mit­ted him­self to the Up­grade Chal­lenge,’ says Chase. ‘His strength has im­proved, his weight has in­creased and his calo­ries are now higher than ever. This gives us the per­fect plat­form to start Ben on his cut phase, to shift the ex­cess body fat and cre­ate his beach body.’

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