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‘Ben’s diet was low in nutri­tion and energy and high in re­fined sugar,’ says Tobin. ‘He also wasn’t eat­ing enough pro­tein for some­one his size and weight, which is a ma­jor con­cern when your main goal is to achieve a beach body physique through gain­ing mus­cle mass and los­ing body fat. Cut­ting out the high-sugar foods and re­plac­ing them with nu­tri­tious snacks en­ables him to train harder and achieve his beach body physique faster.

‘Ben’s in­creased food in­take in­cludes more foods high in healthy fats such as full-fat dairy, nuts, seeds, nut but­ters, red meat, olive oil and av­o­ca­dos. Fat has more energy than ei­ther car­bo­hy­drate or pro­tein and also pro­vides the body with es­sen­tial vi­ta­mins and min­er­als to sup­port health.

‘In or­der to sup­port mus­cle growth Ben needed to in­crease his pro­tein in­take. It can be chal­leng­ing to in­crease the pro­tein con­tent of some meals, par­tic­u­larly break­fast and snacks, so a scoop of Op­ti­mum Nutri­tion Gold Stan­dard 100% Whey is an easy so­lu­tion. Ben’s also been adding Op­ti­mum Nutri­tion Crea­tine to his post-work­out shake to en­hance per­for­mance dur­ing re­peated bursts of high­in­ten­sity ex­er­cise in the gym, which will im­prove his power. Fi­nally he’s been tak­ing Op­ti­mum Nutri­tion Amino Energy to sup­port energy and fo­cus dur­ing tough train­ing ses­sions.’ Niall Moody Niall’s mo­bil­ity has come a long way since the start of train­ing, and he’s ad­dressed years of on­field dam­age by work­ing with foam rollers and re­sis­tance bands. As well as this he’s been get­ting stronger, back squat­ting 140kg for four reps and bench­ing 90kg for five sets of five. Niall has a few tar­gets ahead of him, such as play­ing in a rugby sev­ens tour­na­ment in Reyk­javik, be­fore his fo­cus shifts to the new sea­son start­ing in Septem­ber.

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