Use yoga to im­prove your run­ning tech­nique with­out pound­ing the pave­ments

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Drew Fuller took up triathlon in 2013 and rep­re­sented Great Bri­tain at the Euro­pean age-group sprint triathlon cham­pi­onships last year. He sched­ules his train­ing around a full-time job and works with hot yoga com­pany Sweat Stu­dios (sweat­stu­ to cre­ate yoga rou­tines for triath­letes, which pro­vide a car­dio work­out and re­duce in­jury risk for run­ners.


‘Adding an ac­tive yoga work­out into your train­ing regime will im­prove your run­ning tech­nique, lessen your risk of in­jury and counter the ad­verse ef­fects run­ning has on your body,’ says Fuller. ‘Hot yoga, in con­trast to other gen­tler forms of yoga, of­fers a full-body work­out that boosts car­dio­vas­cu­lar fit­ness, strength and flex­i­bil­ity. Yoga is also great for de­vel­op­ing bal­ance, which is im­por­tant for run­ners be­cause they’re lit­er­ally hop­ping from foot to foot as they run.’


‘Do this set of poses at least twice a week, re­peat­ing the whole lot for a to­tal of three cir­cuits,’ says Fuller. ‘They can be per­formed in iso­la­tion or be­fore or af­ter a run, and each move should flow into the next. Nor­mally these poses are per­formed in a heated room to en­sure the mus­cles are loose and sup­ple, so it’s im­por­tant to make sure your body is prop­erly warmed up first. Do­ing them straight af­ter a hot shower or bath is per­fect – although you may need another wash by the time you’ve fin­ished.’



With feet to­gether, raise your arms over­head, in­ter­lac­ing your fin­gers and re­leas­ing your in­dex fin­gers. Step for­ward with your right leg, and lift your left leg off the ground be­hind you. Stretch up, then bend for­ward un­til your torso and raised leg are hor­i­zon­tal. Stretch your body to lengthen your spine. Hold for the pre­scribed time, then swap legs.


Raise your arms over­head, palms touch­ing. Side­step so your feet are twice shoul­der-width apart. Turn your left foot out 90°. Stretch to your left and reach for your left shin, twist­ing to look at the ceil­ing. Hold and breathe as in­structed. Re­peat on the other side.

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