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‘Matt’s diet needs to be ac­cu­rate in terms of calo­ries and macronu­tri­ents, but also easy to stick to. I’m happy to see he’s been fol­low­ing it to the let­ter and that’s been a ma­jor fac­tor in how Matt has seen his body fat plum­met over the first stage of his Up­grade.

‘As his WBFF show ap­proached, Matt’s calo­ries had to come down, and with lim­ited car­bo­hy­drates and fats to burn for energy


– he was in calo­rie deficit – he found it hard work­ing with quite a high train­ing vol­ume. But that’s the re­al­ity of get­ting as cut as you need to be to com­pete in physique com­pe­ti­tions at the high­est level.

‘Now, Matt’s back to eat­ing seven times a day, tak­ing on around 2,500 calo­ries in­clud­ing a post-work­out Op­ti­mum Nutri­tion Plat­inum Hy­drobuilder shake, which has 35g of pro­tein, over 13.5g of es­sen­tial amino acids and 5g of crea­tine – all of which are vi­tal for re­pair­ing and build­ing Matt’s poor mus­cles af­ter a tough ses­sion with me.’

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