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Quick, what’s the op­po­site of ‘frag­ile’? If you said ‘tough’ or ‘ro­bust’, risk an­a­lyst Ni­co­las Taleb says you’re wrong. He de­fines ‘an­tifragility’ as ben­e­fit­ing from dis­or­der, not just be­ing re­silient to it. For in­stance, your body is frag­ile, but shocks to the sys­tem make it stronger – like the Hy­dra in Greek myth, which grew two heads ev­ery time it lost one. So how can you make the rest of your life an­tifrag­ile? ‘Have more op­tions and fewer plans,’ says Will Mitchell, founder of Star­tup­ ‘If your com­pany went bust right now, could you get another job do­ing ex­actly what you’re do­ing? If not, you need to ex­pand your skillset.’

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