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Use this full-body work­out for football fit­ness all through the sum­mer

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An­drew Wise­man is a strength and con­di­tion­ing coach at Six3Nine (six3nine.com). Hav­ing coached at clubs in­clud­ing Chelsea and West Ham United, he’s worked with a range of play­ers from academy level to full in­ter­na­tion­als.


‘Football is a high-in­ten­sity, in­ter­mit­tent sport with a need for a mul­ti­tude of phys­i­cal qual­i­ties such as strength, power, agility and speed, along­side core sta­bil­ity,’ says Wise­man. ‘Foot­ballers work in all planes of mo­tion, us­ing ev­ery part of their bod­ies in har­mony, and I look to strengthen play­ers all over to make them stronger and more ro­bust to re­sist in­jury. These ex­er­cises build the qual­i­ties re­quired to play the game, giv­ing you the edge on the pitch.’


‘These ex­er­cises will help you to build a foun­da­tion of strength, in­crease leg power in or­der to jump higher and sprint faster, and build core sta­bil­ity to hold off op­po­nents and re­duce in­jury through im­pact. Do three sets of each ex­er­cise, rest­ing 60 sec­onds be­tween sets. As you progress, look to re­duce the num­ber of reps (apart from for the box jump) and in­crease the weights you lift (or the height you jump for the box jump). Af­ter eight weeks, you should be lift­ing be­tween three and five reps. Use a weight that takes you al­most to fail­ure in the fi­nal rep so you force your mus­cles to work hard and grow back stronger. Record what you’re lift­ing for each ex­er­cise through­out each ses­sion to track your progress.’


Stand fac­ing a box or bench. Keep your core braced. Ex­tend at the hip and knee of your left leg and place your left foot on the box, then push up­wards with your right foot to stand on it with both feet. Ex­hale, step down from the plat­form and re­peat on the other side.


Lie on a bench hold­ing a bar with an over­hand grip and hands just over shoul­der-width apart. Drive your feet into the floor and press straight up un­til your arms are ex­tended. This is your start po­si­tion. While in­hal­ing, lower the bar slowly to just above your chest, then push back up to the start po­si­tion while ex­hal­ing.

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