Fat-burn­ing dumb­bell moves

Grab a dumb­bell to build core strength and im­pres­sive abs in six moves

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Bend your legs and grab the dumb­bell from the floor. Drive up and pull the weight to chest height, then drop un­der it to “catch” it at shoul­der height. Straighten your legs to stand and press the weight over­head. with just one side of your body – which you do with ev­ery step – your core ac­ti­vates, sta­bil­is­ing your spine and pelvis and trans­fer­ring power across your body,” he says. Do­ing the moves as a com­plex – com­plet­ing them with­out putting down the weight – also keeps the in­ten­sity high enough to melt fat.

To strengthen your abs mus­cles, you need to cre­ate in­sta­bil­ity that they re­sist. Then, to re­veal them, you need to burn more calo­ries than you con­sume to strip the fat con­ceal­ing them. This work­out does both.

Cre­ated by trainer Alex Gildea ( gildeaf­it­ness.com), it uses uni­lat­eral ex­er­cises. Why? “When you move


Lower the weight to your side. Take a big step back­wards, bracing your core to keep your torso up­right, then lower un­til your knee is just off the floor. Drive back up to the start. Alternate legs.


With a slight bend in your legs, hinge for­wards at your hips un­til your back is al­most par­al­lel with the floor. Keep­ing your core tight, row the weight up to­wards your armpit so you feel a squeeze in your up­per back, then lower.


With the dumb­bell at shoul­der height, keep your core tight and your chest up as you lower into a squat. Keep your knees wide apart. Then stand, driv­ing your hips for­ward to gen­er­ate power.


Keep­ing your el­bow tight to your side, curl the dumb­bell from your hip to your shoul­der, then press it over­head un­til your arm is com­pletely straight. Re­verse the move back to the start.


With the weight in front of your thigh and a slight bend in your knees, hinge at the hips to lower the dumb­bell un­til you feel a stretch in your ham­strings. Drive your hips for­wards and rise. Now switch hands and do it all again – then you can rest.

“This is a great stretch for your hip flex­ors. En­gage your core be­fore you per­form the move to stop your pelvis ro­tat­ing” “Push your hips back to straighten your back and en­gage your core – it should feel like you’re wear­ing a tight belt” “Progress to do­ing this on one leg. Con­tract the glute mus­cles on your raised leg to im­prove bal­ance and al­low a deeper stretch on the work­ing ham­strings” “Con­tract your glutes and core to stop your back hy­per­ex­tend­ing dur­ing the press”

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