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A new and sci­en­tif­i­cally tested way to keep body fat off

Mind­ful­ness might sound like it be­longs in the same cat­e­gory as crys­tal heal­ing and other ridicu­lous “health reme­dies”, but it’s been stud­ied and shown to re­duce stress – and now re­search sug­gests it could help you main­tain a lean body. A study pub­lished in the Amer­i­can

Jour­nal Of Health Be­hav­ior in­di­cated that those with higher lev­els of mind­ful­ness were sig­nif­i­cantly less likely to have high blood glu­cose lev­els, which make you more prone to be­ing obese.

So why is that? The re­searchers con­cluded that bet­ter mind­ful­ness makes peo­ple more likely to mo­ti­vate them­selves to ex­er­cise and to stick to fitness plans once they’ve started them, and less likely to give in to crav­ings for high-fat or high-sugar snacks. Be­ing more mind­ful ba­si­cally gives you a greater sense of con­trol over your life, en­abling you to change the things that need to change.

Best of all, there’s noth­ing dif­fi­cult about achiev­ing it. All mind­ful­ness means is be­ing fo­cused on the present and ac­cept­ing the feel­ings and thoughts you have, which can be achieved with a few min­utes’ deep thought once or twice a week. Another rec­om­mended mind­ful­ness tech­nique is yoga, so try adding the stretches here – sug­gested by Broga cre­ator Matt Miller – to your work­outs, and you’ll im­prove your pos­ture and flex­i­bil­ity at the same time.

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