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Dis­re­gard the red meat scare sto­ries – the ones linked with car­cino­genic ef­fects are talk­ing about the pro­cessed kind, not raw beef. Good-qual­ity mince is packed with vi­ta­min B12, zinc, se­le­nium and iron, as well as 36g of pro­tein per 100g.


There’s some ev­i­dence that the more you smash your gar­lic, the bet­ter it is: chop­ping ac­ti­vates al­li­inase enyzymes, which will even­tu­ally con­vert to al­licin – a sulphur com­pound linked to keep­ing blood pres­sure un­der con­trol.


The sweet po­tato vs “real” po­tato war isn’t as clearcut as you think: the for­mer are far higher in vi­ta­min A (438% of your RDA as op­posed to, er, none) but oth­er­wise it’s a nu­tri­tional near-tie. They’re also a good source of slow-burn en­ergy, mak­ing them an ideal sub for higher-GI carbs.

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