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Want to get lean? You’ll need to be more well-de­fined. Or, to put it an­other way, vague plans like “lose weight” or “put on mus­cle” are too im­pre­cise. “Lose 3kg by June” or “add an inch to my arms” is slightly bet­ter, but there’s still a prob­lem: you aren’t en­tirely in charge of the re­sults, and any­thing short of hit­ting them counts as a (de-mo­ti­vat­ing) fail­ure. In­stead, aim to make goals that are based on pro­cesses, not re­sults.

“The key is to scale the over­all goal down into pieces,” says per­sonal trainer Alexan­der Ed­wards. “Break it down: what do you need to do, on a weekby-week ba­sis, to get to where you want?” To stay fo­cused on the process, pick goals like”‘learn to cook one new meal a week”, “go to the gym at least twice a week” or “do 50 press-ups a day”. Process-based goals are more sat­is­fy­ing be­cause you get a tiny jolt of suc­cess ev­ery day and you’re fully in con­trol – which ul­ti­mately makes you more likely to suc­ceed.

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