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It’s easy to get af­ter it when you’ve just started a new regime, es­pe­cially since you’re adapt­ing to new move­ments and the re­sults are com­ing fast. But there’s a point – usu­ally af­ter about four to six weeks – when things slow down. That’s when it’s time to em­brace the grind.

“I be­lieve that you can only train hard in blocks of two, four, six and maybe eight weeks. Then you slide back to medium,” says strength coach and au­thor Dan John. “Most of the time, you need to do what I call ‘punch the clock’ work­outs. I sug­gest do­ing all the ba­sic move­ments – push, pull, squat, carry and ‘hinge’ with a swing or a dead­lift – do any cor­rec­tive work you need, im­prove your tech­nique on one or two ex­er­cises, break a sweat and get the heart rate up. Then pat your­self on the back.”

De­spite all the wellmean­ing ad­vice from so­cial me­dia, not ev­ery work­out has to be a fight to the death. Just get­ting some­thing done three days ev­ery week beats the oc­ca­sional all-out ef­fort fol­lowed by a fort­night of in­do­lence.

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