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Grab a weight plate to build func­tional mus­cle and blast away fat

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Some peo­ple think that do­ing a fat loss work­out means sling­ing the weights around any way you like and rac­ing through your reps be­cause los­ing fat is about get­ting your heart rate up. Those peo­ple are wrong. That is a part of it, but there’s a smarter way to ap­proach your ses­sions that will both burn fat and add mus­cle. The key is to slow down your reps and make sure you can feel the tar­get mus­cle work­ing. “Time un­der ten­sion, which means the time your mus­cles spend work­ing dur­ing a set, is im­por­tant in terms of get­ting mus­cle adap­ta­tions - even if fat loss is your goal,” says Tir­rel Grant, di­rec­tor of Square Mile Fit­ness (squaremil­e­fit­ “Re­ally fo­cus on con­tract­ing the mus­cle and work both the lift­ing and low­er­ing parts of the move - don’t just let the weights drop down.” Per­form­ing your reps like that makes the moves much harder, so al­though you’re mov­ing the weight slowly, the ex­tra ef­fort re­quired to con­trol them will mean that your heart rate will be high and you’ll get the full calo­rie-burn ben­e­fits.

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