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“Pro­duc­tion train­ing” work­outs im­prove your abil­ity to put out max­i­mum ef­fort, with short rest. Ul­tra-short, su­per-hard ex­er­cise in­ter­vals com­bine with long rests for a work­out that’ll im­prove your power: one for a 500m row PB or white-col­lar box­ing bout. 1 Moun­tain slider Work 15sec Rest 1min 30sec

Rounds 6

Start in a press-up po­si­tion with your feet on a pair of small tow­els or Val­slides, then bring one knee and then the other up to your chest as fast as pos­si­ble. Think of it like a crawl­ing sprint. 2 Thruster Work 15sec Rest 1min 15sec

Rounds 6 Hold­ing a pair of dumb­bells or a bar­bell at shoul­der height, drop into a squat. As you stand up, drive the weight over­head, then lower straight into the next rep.

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