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“Main­te­nance train­ing” work­outs use longer work in­ter­vals and slightly shorter rests to in­crease your body’s abil­ity to sus­tain ex­er­cise at high in­ten­sity, us­ing both your aer­o­bic and anaer­o­bic sys­tems. Use this one to im­prove your 5K time. 1 Ket­tle­bell swing Work 30sec Rest 1min 30sec

Rounds 6 Us­ing a mod­er­ateweight ket­tle­bell, swing it back be­tween your legs and then pop your hips for­ward to swing it to eye level, let­ting it drop straight into the next rep. 2 As­sault AirBike Work 15sec Rest 45sec

Rounds 10

The As­sault AirBike forces you to use your full body for a short-but­nasty ex­pe­ri­ence. Haven’t got one? A reg­u­lar ex­er­cise bike also works.

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