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IN­STEAD OF ICE­BERG… HAVE ROCKET It’s been less se­lec­tively bred, hence that pep­pery flavour – and as a re­sult, it has a bet­ter an­tiox­i­dant pro­file. Serve it in salad with a glug of olive oil and a dash of bal­samic vine­gar.

IN­STEAD OF SPINACH… HAVE KALE It’s full of fo­late and mag­ne­sium, as well as fi­bre. Get rid of the stems, then stir­fry it for a few min­utes with a clove or two of crushed gar­lic.

IN­STEAD OF SWEET PO­TATO… HAVE CELERIAC There’s noth­ing wrong with the or­ange beau­ties, but you should ro­tate your veg oc­ca­sion­ally and celeriac’s a bet­ter source of vi­ta­mins C, K and man­ganese. Chop it into wedges and roast it with pa­prika.

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