Get­bet­terat blastin­gout chin-ups

With ad­vice from for­mer Royal Marine PTI Sean Ler­will

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Go un­der­hand

“The best way to build chin-up power is by do­ing un­der­hand lat pull-downs, in­cor­po­rat­ing low-rep, heavy-weight sets as well as high-rep, mod­er­ate-weight sets, to work as many mus­cle fi­bres as pos­si­ble,” says Ler­will.


“Do some sets of ec­cen­tric chin-up reps, which is where you ‘jump’ to the top po­si­tion of the move so your chin is above the bar and then lower your­self back to the start very slowly and un­der con­trol. It’s a great way to build a stronger back and bi­ceps.”


“Brac­ing be­fore each set en­gages all your sta­bil­is­ing mus­cles, mak­ing it much eas­ier to man­age your weight up and back down. Tense your core and glutes, keep your chest up and re­tract your shoul­der blades. Only then ini­ti­ate the lift by driv­ing your el­bows down.”

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