Get abs of steel by work­ing this im­por­tant mus­cle group in new and chal­leng­ing ways that will keep you pro­gress­ing

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“To de­velop a re­ally im­pres­sive set of abs you need to get a lot smarter than just bang­ing out hun­dres of sit-ups and crunches,” says Can­non. “Best case sce­nario, that will build up the top part of your abs. In­stead you need to tar­get your abs in lots of dif­fer­ent ways, and work on the mid­dle and lower abs just as much as your up­per abs – that’s the only way to build a mid­sec­tion that’s strong and func­tional.”


“You also need to hit your core from as many dif­fer­ent an­gles as pos­si­ble. In prac­tice that means spend­ing more train­ing time do­ing planks and other ex­er­cises that re­quire you to move your torso from side to side rather than just up and down. And once your abs mus­cles are com­fort­able manag­ing your body­weight, you need to bring in ex­tra re­sis­tance to keep tax­ing them – bar­bells, dumb­bells, med balls and other kit. Moves like the bar­bell land­mine [pic­tured right] tick the right boxes.”


“It’s no good work­ing your abs once a week and then ex­pect­ing them to blos­som into a ful­lyfledged six-pack. Try hit­ting them harder more of­ten if you want to see real re­sults faster. I will train my abs for 15 to 20 min­utes at the end of all my weights work­outs – it’s the most reil­able way to en­sure you keep see­ing progress.”

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