Run­ning on empty

Burn body fat faster by do­ing your car­dio train­ing on an empty stom­ach

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To burn fat quickly you need to be in a daily calo­rie deficit so your body is forced to tap into ex­ist­ing fat stores and free their en­ergy for fuel. And the good news is that you can ac­cel­er­ate your fat loss with­out do­ing any more ex­er­cise sim­ply by work­ing out be­fore break­fast. In a new study from Northum­bria Uni­ver­sity, sub­jects who trained first thing on an empty stom­ach burned around 20% more body fat than those sub­jects who had break­fast be­fore ex­er­cis­ing. What’s more, those who did a morn­ing “fasted car­dio” ses­sion – as it’s known – did not con­sume any more calo­ries over the course of the rest of the day than those who’d trained af­ter break­fast. So if you want to lose body fat faster, wake up, have a strong black cof­fee and then go for a run or ride.

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