Cut back on liq­uid calo­ries

Make these sim­ple drink sub­sti­tu­tions to start shed ding fat

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Low­er­ing your daily in­take of en­ergy from drinks can help you get lean. Try these three sim­ple tricks

Be­come a wa­ter baby

The eas­i­est habit change you can make to start shrink­ing your waist­line, and look­ing and feel­ing bet­ter in­stantly, is to drink more wa­ter. Sub­jects who drank 450ml of wa­ter saw their me­tab­o­lism spike tem­porar­ily by 30%, ac­cord­ing to a study in the Jour­nal Of En­docrinol­ogy And Me­tab­o­lism, with re­searchers sug­gest­ing drink­ing an ex­tra 1.5 litres of wa­ter a day would in­crease daily calo­rie ex­pen­di­ture by 200.

Cut milk from tea time

A cup of black cof­fee has fewer calo­ries than you have fin­gers, so ditch­ing the milk or cream (as well as the caramel syrup and choco­late sprin­kles) will rad­i­cally re­duce the amount of liq­uid calo­ries you con­sume – es­pe­cially if your work­ing day is pow­ered by fre­quent cof­fees. If you’re a tea drinker, bin the sugar – ob­vi­ously – and try switch­ing some cups of milky tea for green tea or other low-calo­rie flavoured brews.

Win the booze bat­tle

A pint of beer might quench the thirst like no other drink known to man, but each one packs a big calorific punch - any­where be­tween 200 and 250 of them, depend­ing on the strength. And be hon­est: how of­ten do you stop af­ter just one? If you are go­ing to drink, opt for clear spir­its and zero calo­rie mix­ers to cut down the calo­ries to as few as 50 per round. And stay well away from those pork scratch­ings.

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