Zoot’s new line of wet­suits fea­ture top of the line Ya­mamoto Neo­prene and the new­est tech­nol­ogy for max­i­mum speed and com­fort.

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1. PROarm Panel

PROarm pro­pri­o­cep­tion pan­els al­low for stroke feed­back, pro­mot­ing flaw­less tech­nique and max­i­mum power trans­fer.

2 FLEXlift AERO­dome

6 strate­gi­cally placed pan­els for ex­cep­tion­ally bal­anced buoy­ancy.

3. FLEXskin

0.5mm of su­per flex­i­ble neo­prene is fully coated with Su­per Com­pos­ite Skin Nano coat­ing for the ul­ti­mate com­bi­na­tion of flex­i­bil­ity and speed.

4. Op­ti­mal Kick De­sign

Zoot’s pro­pri­etary leg pat­tern­ing works with the anatomy of the swim­mers legs to in­crease kick ve­loc­ity, fre­quency, and ef­fi­ciency.

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