Ban­ish your belly for­ever with the right type of fats

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The re­search that claimed a diet high in fats led to obe­sity and other health prob­lems has now been largely dis­cred­ited – rather than avoid­ing fat, if you want to shift your spare tyre quickly you need to be care­ful about which fats you eat. A new study pub­lished in the Fron­tiers In Cel­lu­lar Neu­ro­science jour­nal re­ports that eat­ing too much sat­u­rated fat - the type found in an­i­mal prod­ucts - af­fects the way your body reg­u­lates hunger, specif­i­cally mak­ing it harder to con­trol what you eat, how much and when to stop. How­ever, the re­search added that a diet high in un­sat­u­rated fats, like those found in oily fish and olive oil, doesn’t make it more dif­fi­cult to con­trol eat­ing be­hav­iour be­cause these fats don’t have the same im­pact on the brain.

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