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Com­plexes – rou­tines where you pick up a dumb­bell or bar­bell and don’t put them down un­til you’ve done ev­ery rep – al­low you to get a lot of work done in min­i­mal time, ramp­ing up your fat loss. “Grab a pair of dumb­bells and do six reps each of Ro­ma­nian dead­lifts, ben­tover rows, up­right rows, curls and rene­gade rows,” says trainer Pi­eter Vod­den. “Re­peat for three sets and do it twice a week, up­ping the weight when it gets easy.”


High-in­ten­sity is the way to go if you’re lim­ited for time – in a 2008 study pub­lished in the In­ter­na­tional Jour­nal

Of Obe­sity, sub­jects lost an av­er­age of 11% of their body fat do­ing just 20 min­utes of train­ing, three times a week. Vary the in­ter­vals and the ex­er­cises. “You’ll adapt to any work-rest ra­tio,” says Adam­son. “So change it up: do 20 sec­onds on, ten sec­onds off one ses­sion, then 30/30 the next.” That 2008 study used an 8/12 struc­ture, but no num­ber’s magic.


Your main aim might be fat loss but you should still do reg­u­lar re­sis­tance train­ing. And even the most strength­fo­cused ses­sion can leave you burn­ing fat if you add a fiveminute “fin­isher”. In a Col­lege of New Jersey study that com­pared 13 ex­er­cises, bat­tle ropes had the high­est fat-burn­ing ef­fect, cre­ated by do­ing ten sec­onds of sin­gle-arm waves, ten of dou­ble-arm waves with half squats, then ten dou­ble-arm slams. Do that all-out, rest for two min­utes and re­peat twice.

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