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Stress hor­mone cor­ti­sol causes belly-fat stor­age, but that’s not the end of it: ev­ery time your stress re­sponse ramps up, your body shifts re­sources away from fat me­tab­o­lism and mus­cle re­pair into need­less jumps in adrenaline and blood pres­sure. Pros swear by the Headspace app, but if guided med­i­ta­tion isn’t your bag, try a mantra: re­peat a two-syl­la­ble word (like “na­ture” or “peace­ful”) in your head for five min­utes to stay calm.


Just a one-pint-anight guy? That’s just over a thou­sand calo­ries a week, or an ex­tra half-kilo of body fat over three weeks. Red wine is slightly bet­ter – ev­i­dence from Washington State Uni­ver­sity sug­gests its resver­a­trol can con­vert white fat into the more eas­ily burned brown – but it’s still calorific. Stick to one bot­tle a week, and in­vest in taller glasses: in a Cor­nell Uni­ver­sity study, sub­jects poured 12% less booze when us­ing tall, thin glasses.

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