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Efron’s train­ing was con­stantly evolv­ing, but for MF, Mur­phy con­densed the essence of it into a three-day split, work­ing back and bi­ceps one day, legs on an­other, and shoul­ders, chest, and arms on the third day (abs are in there too – a lit­tle ev­ery day).

The main fea­ture of the work­outs is su­per­set­ting – do­ing two ex­er­cises back to back with no rest in be­tween. Not only does this ap­proach save time, it also helps your body burn more calo­ries and en­hances the “pump” that drives more nu­tri­tion-filled blood into the mus­cles for fast growth.

Since it was im­por­tant that Efron not just look like a life­guard but be able to per­form like one too, some ex­er­cises are ex­plo­sive to build speed and agility along with mus­cle mass. See you on the beach.

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