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Start with your feet shoul­der­width apart, hold­ing the bar with an over­hand grip (an al­ter­nate grip with one over­hand and one un­der­hand is also fine). Po­si­tion the bar so that your shoul­ders are over it and it is di­rectly above your mid­foot. To ini­ti­ate the move­ment, pull your shoul­ders back to ac­ti­vate your lats, make sure your ham­strings are loaded and pull the bar off the ground by straight­en­ing your legs, keep­ing the an­gle of your torso the same. As the bar passes your knees, straighten up un­til you’re stand­ing up­right, then re­verse the move­ment back to the start. If it’s a very heavy weight, you can drop the bar –care­fully – at the top.

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