Su­per set 3 Core ben­e­fits

Fin­ish your work­out by fry­ing your abs

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HOW Start sit­ting down with your knees bent, hold­ing two ket­tle­bells over­head. Slowly lower to­wards the floor while bring­ing the ket­tle­bells down to your chest. Con­tract your abs to raise your torso while si­mul­ta­ne­ously ex­tend­ing your arms.


HOW Get into a straight-arm plank po­si­tion with your body in a straight line from head to heels, hav­ing placed a ket­tle­bell to one side of your body. Reach un­der your torso to drag the bell across to the other side. Switch hands and re­peat the move.

EX­PERT TIP “Once you’re sit­ting up straight, tuck your pelvis un­der and, as you lower, ‘roll through’ your spine so you’re try­ing to make con­tact with the ground one ver­te­bra at a time,” says Turner. “Go­ing slowly on this move will make your abs work harder.”

EX­PERT TIP “This is great way of mak­ing the plank more in­ter­est­ing,” says Turner. “The wider you take the ket­tle­bell, the harder it is to do. You can also try rais­ing the ket­tle­bell off the floor slightly to turn it into a mod­i­fied re­verse flye.”

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