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If you’ve suf­fered with tooth ache you’ll know it makes ev­ery­thing from ex­er­cis­ing to eat­ing and sleep­ing al­most im­pos­si­ble. Yet new ev­i­dence sug­gests that den­tal prob­lems could be an early warn­ing sign of more se­vere and long-term health prob­lems. A study by the Univer­sity of Wash­ing­ton that re­viewed the re­la­tion­ships be­tween diet, den­tal dis­ease and chronic dis­ease found that eat­ing too many foods high in sim­ple sug­ars – such as sweets, fruit and re­fined carbs – can lead to tooth de­cay and gum dis­ease, as well as spik­ing blood sugar lev­els. This means that tooth de­cay can be an early sign of big­ger health con­cerns, such as obe­sity, Alzheimer’s and can­cer. So cut back on sug­ary foods to keep both your smile and your long-term health look­ing good.

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