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No other ex­er­cise will al­low you to lift more weight, or of­fer bet­ter strength and size gain op­por­tu­ni­ties, than the dead­lift. Use our ex­pert guide to mas­ter the king of the big moves

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For some guys, be­ing able to re­spond to the clichéd gym ques­tion “What do you bench?” makes them feel like they’re part of the club. But if you re­ally want to be con­sid­ered a sea­soned lifter, you need a come­back to “What do you dead­lift?”

Why is that a su­pe­rior ques­tion? Be­cause while the bench is the big test of up­per-body strength, it’s the dead­lift that poses the great­est whole-body chal­lenge. It’s also proof that you don’t skip leg day - an­other sign that you’re a com­mit­ted gym-goer.

“The dead­lift will al­low you to move more weight than any other bar­bell ex­er­cise, so it de­vel­ops your over­all strength and power,” says per­sonal trainer Tom Wright (wright­fit.co.uk). “It’s a pos­te­rior chain builder, work­ing the mus­cles on the rear of your body to pull the bar from floor to hip.” That’s cru­cial be­cause it builds the mus­cles on your body that will keep you in­juryfree and mov­ing well - vi­tal qual­i­ties if you want to at­tack any train­ing plan. Turn the page for ev­ery­thing you need to know.

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